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2023 BBSC Canadian Rockies Trip


Welcome to the 2023 BBSC Canadian Rockies Trip

Ski Big 3

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This trip has limited capacity, so please register early to insure that you have a spot. We have secured 30 total spots. 

Please note only the first 25 people to register will be able to bring one pair of skis or snowboard due to plane size limitations.  All 25 spots are currently filled, there is a waiting list for bringing equipment and demo skis are available at the mountain for rental. 


Checked baggage fees are NOT included in the trip prices. Alaska Air charges $30 for the first standard checked bag and $40 for the second standard checked bag (up to 50 lbs each), each way. Ski Equipment is counted as 1 standard checked bag that includes one ski/board bag containing 1 pair of skis or snowboard and 1 boot & helmet bag, containing equipment only.  The 50 pound weight limit still applies, but the linear size limit does not apply to the ski/board bag. If clothing or other items are packed in the equipment bags, regular and oversize baggage fees will apply. Travelers will pay their own checked bag fees directly to Alaska Air at check-in. For example, if you plan to bring one full set of equipment including skis & boots and a checked suitcase of clothing, you will pay an additional $70 per person each way ($140 round trip) for checked baggage fee for 1 ski bag, 1 boot/helmet bag, and 1 suitcase. If you plan to rent skis but bring your own boots, and check a suitcase for clothing, you would pay $30 per person each way ($60 round trip) extra checked bags fees for your one checked bag if you take your boots as your carry-on item. Please review all the Alaska Air baggage rules and size allowances for checked and carry-on items.


The Kicking Horse add-on for March 17th is limited to the first 20 people registered and requires at least 15 participants. Please indicate your interest during registration. Final Pricing will be determined based on the number of participants that sign up.

Please note, it is approximately 2 hours by bus from the hotel to Kicking Horse Mountain. 4 hour bus ride round trip. The optional Kicking Horse excursion is recommended only for advanced intermediate and above skiers, as there is not much for non skiers to do at the mountain, and limited beginner/intermediate terrain. There is also a lot of terrain that is not lift served and hike to access only.  Kicking Horse Mountain Trail Map

Please confirm that your passport is current and that you meet all the requirements to enter Canada before registering for this trip.



Please read through this document carefully to ensure that all information is provided accurately and that you fully understand the cancellation & refund policy


To complete registration through our secure site, please have your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or ACH Bank Account information available.  Off-line registration is NOT available for trips.

Cancellation and Refunds: 
Are solely at the discretion of the Club, subject to meeting minimum trip participant numbers.
All pricing is based on 25 participants, and may increase slightly (~$50 per person) due to taxes/fees or if there are fewer than 25 participants.  20 participants is the minimum number required for this trip.

Cancellations prior to January 1st 2023 may receive a partial refund, less a $275 non-refundable assessment, plus any fees assessed by the airline, lodging and/or other vendors. Airfare cancellation fees are governed by the rules applicable to the fare basis used and many fares are nonrefundable.


Please understand that because of high pent up demand, particularly in Canada and Europe excursions, hotels are playing hard ball and imposing cancellation penalties once groups commit a given number even if they cancel some rooms well in advance. Much stricter air and hotel restrictions and cancellation policies are forcing the club/participants to shoulder more financial responsibilities for cancelations.

There is NO REFUND possible after January 1st 2023


Optional Trip Insurance is available at your discretion through the travel agency, Alpine Adventures:

BBSC receives no financial compensation for any trip insurance policies purchased.
BBSC has provided this information as a convenience to our members and makes no endorsement of the product.

Members are free to shop for and use trip insurance from any provider.



Please direct questions to:

Doug Baker

Doug Baker

Canadian Rockies Trip Leader

Phone: 208-867-1286